“…although life seems short and our lives at times seem insignificant,… many opportunities for greatness will arise throughout the course of life…Carpe Diem!!!”    

Cole T. Ballay, age 16

The words above were written by Cole at age sixteen. On a cold day in February of 2008, he was involved in a tragic accident after leaving school, and his life was suddenly ended.

Cole was in his junior year at Germantown Academy where he developed many friendships and an appreciation for scholastic pursuits. He continued to maintain and expand associations within his surrounding communities of Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Cole enjoyed and appreciated people, and strode to experience life to the fullest at every opportunity. He was a hardworking optimist, yet subject to the fragility of being an adolescent.

Mrs. Honeycutt, a teacher at G.A. said of Cole, “Cole made us laugh – a lot…sigh in wonder, at a perfectly executed pass or a beautifully turned phrase in an essay or wonderfully moving poem…Cole made us cheer. Not only for the goal that won the game but also for other victories won against odds. ….for his acknowledging when he needed help and asking for it, for his courage to stay with a task even when he was exhausted, for admitting to his limitations and then not letting them limit him.”

Cole was seriously involved in soccer with high level club teams, which enabled him to foster friendships spanning the Eastern seaboard, across the United States and beyond. He stated, “Throughout my relatively short life of seventeen years, I have always prided myself in possessing a prowess and unrelenting determination in athletics, especially with my intense passion, soccer. Fueled by love, for its intricate beauties and multiple layers, I consider every kind of exposure to the game an important learning experience, crucial to my development and obsessive striving for excellence.”

We, who love Cole, wish to pay tribute to his humanity, and to other young individuals who likewise “seize the day”, affect and infect those around them with their vigor, by establishing this public charity in his name. Thanking you in advance for your time and interest in Cole’s Charity.

“Carpe Diem”

– Nan, Tom Ballay, Cole’s Family and Friends


P. S. Our mission to assist Adolescents, Parents and Mentors is outlined on the ‘Goals’ page. Take a moment to learn what we do and investigate ways you might make a difference by making ripples in a pond.

FYI * Cole’s nickname is “KANG”






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“On behalf of Cole’s family & friends, GRAZIE for your interest and support!”