Cole T. Ballay “Carpe Diem!” Foundation

(a 501(c)(3) Public Charity)

Mission Statement:
Our public charity was initiated by the tragic passing of this optimistic and passionate youth of 17. Like many young people, he made an unwise decision. Our belief is that passion tempered by knowledge forges wisdom. Our guiding principle is “Carpe Diem with wisdom.” Our mission is to provide scholarship opportunities for passionate youth to attain their aspirations through advanced learning. Our educational mission extends to the larger community by disseminating timely and useful information concerning the adolescent maze of maturation.

“Carpe Diem! with Wisdom”

Guiding Principle:
“Passion Tempered by Knowledge Forges Wisdom”

Vision Statement:
Our vision is a community where youth “Carpe Diem!” with wisdom. We strive to provide learning opportunities in which their passion is tempered by knowledge thus forging wisdom.


KANG (Kids Aspiring to New Goals) Scholarships
Zealous 10-15 year old nominees are eligible for awards up to $500. Their purpose is to enable recipients to pursue individual passions in the Arts, Sciences or Athletics through advanced training via special camps or lessons. (SCHOLARSHIPS)

Teen Brain Education/Research
To encourage and support efforts in ongoing research and education in the understanding what makes the teen brain tick? Without question, it is an issue that has consequences for us all. Learn more: [ TEEN BRAIN ]

ACHIEVED GOALS: The Cole T. Ballay “Carpe Diem” Scholarship This is awarded annually to a Central Bucks high school Senior to pursue post-secondary education. “Carpe Diem Garden” The garden is a quiet respite for all to stop and seize peace and solitude from a hectic world. It is dedicated to the ‘Class of 2009’ as well as Cole. It is located next to the Wissahickon Creek, along the Watershed’s “Green Ribbon Trail”. The trail can be accessed from the rear parking lot of Germantown Academy next to the bridge.

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“On behalf of Cole’s family & friends, GRAZIE for your interest and support!”