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The ‘COLE T. BALLAY “CARPE DIEM!” FOUNDATION began as a memorial to a passionate, optimistic young man of 16. His family and friends wanted to honor him in a POSITIVE manner befitting his attributes. This video displays the many young people, who like him, hope and dream of a goal.

Each of these zealous youth was nominated by a mentor who knew them well. They possessed the desired characteristics of the KANG Youth Scholarships. (More info below)

Without a doubt, each one will make ever-growing ripples in the ponds of humanity. large and small. God speed to all!


KANG (Kids Aspiring to New Goals) Scholarships

Zealous 10-15 year old nominees are eligible for awards averaging $500. Their purpose is to enable recipients to pursue individual passions in the Arts, Sciences or Athletics through advanced training via special camps or lessons.

ATTENTION: Mentors/Teachers/Coaches

We are looking to identify adolescents between the ages of 10 and 15 who have an unambiguous passion in the arts, athletics, humanities or sciences.

If you instruct someone who exhibits the characteristics of perseverance, persistence, creativity, and is highly motivated to go the extra mile, please nominate him or her.

Please accept our gratitude for your consideration of participating in the selection process of this year’s recipients of scholarships in memory of Cole T. Ballay. Your time and effort is appreciated. Without your guidance and thoughtful consideration, its criteria would be meaningless. You touch the lives of youth like him in ways, which are immeasurable and often unseen. Your insight is unique. It provides significance to his legacy and validates the nominee’s commitment.

Since 2011, our public charity has awarded over 50 KANG (Kids Aspiring to New Goals) Scholarships. Each year we look forward to granting many more. Cole’s family and friends work countless hours each year to realize their fruition.

The average award is $500 and is sent directly to the recipient’s chosen camp or tutor. Although financial need is not the primary consideration for the scholarship, it will factor into the Scholarship Committee’s choice of recipients.

  • MENTOR NOMINATION FORM: *Digital fill-in, a very short form is by request only by a mentor only. Email request to: coleballay@gmail.com.  Please save the completed form; Save the file as the Nominee’s name, and forward to: coleballay@gmail.com*Parents and/or relatives are not permitted to nominate.

  • March 1ST: Deadline for receipt of Nomination forms via post/email

  • NOMINEE APPLICATION FORM: Sent to nominees via post upon receipt of Nomination with prepaid return envelope.

  • April 15TH: Deadline for receipt of Application forms

  • AWARD DECISION: Scholarship Committee decisions are sent to nominee in early May.

For more information, please visit www.coleballay.org. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions: coleballay@gmail.com


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“On behalf of Cole’s family & friends, GRAZIE for your interest and support!”